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Fresh Shiitake & Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Shipped and Delivered!

Mushroom Grow Kits

Oyster and Lion’s Mane Mushroom Grow Kits Shipped and Delivered!

What We Offer

At Fungalicious, we’re passionate about gourmet mushrooms. Our selection includes Lion’s Mane, Oyster, and Shiitake mushrooms, grown naturally with pure water – no chemicals. We handle them with care, packing them in paper bags or cardboard boxes. They’re ready to use – no washing required.

Our mushrooms are known for their authentic flavor and delightful texture. They add incredible umami to every dish. We also offer Mushroom Grow Kits for DIY enthusiasts.

We prioritize your convenience with reliable shipping and delivery. Taste the Fungalicious difference today – naturally grown gourmet mushrooms and Mushroom Grow Kits, all in one place.

Who We Are

A lot of people ask us how we started doing this and the answer is simple, my youngest son Tyler. We were talking about how you cannot buy gourmet mushrooms in the stores around here and he started explaining in great detail to me how to grow them myself. He definitely knows all about fungus. I started a really small scale grow room and was very successful, so here we are.